Dra. Corinne Hofman, ganadora del prestigioso premio NWO-Spinoza award winner Hofman: ‘Now more research possible into the hidden history of the American Indians’
Dr. Professor Corinne Hofman, Leiden professor of Caribbean archaeology, receiving the NWO-Spinoza prize of 2.5 million euros. This was announced by the NWO on 6 June. What is she going to do with this sum? ‘We could use some good archaeozoologists and paleobotanists.’

Under Hofman’s leadership, the international research group Nexus 1492 is reconstructing the consequences of colonisation in the Caribbean. For a long time, discussion of that history has been one-sided. According to Spanish sources, the native societies were eradicated within 25 years after Columbus set foot on Caribbean soil in 1492. Hofman is combatting that one-sided picture and wants to show through research that native cultures did not entirely disappear.